2×12+7 = the poetry of decay…

The Poetry Of Decay’ compiles Cindytalk’s two most recent albums, last year’s long-in-development ‘The Crackle Of My Soul’, and the more recent ‘Up Here In The Clouds’, together with a 7″ released on Klanggalerie in 2003. Together they sharply define the contemporary sound of Cindytalk’s Gordon Sharp in contrast with his pre-2001 investigations of broken down rock structures and abstract piano ambience. In the 21st century he’s made a move towards obscure computer usage which manifests itself in unsettling spectral ambient music and a range of unclassifiable, textured electronic collages bordering on noise. It’s the inherent tension between his textures which makes this body of work a fascinating and often uncomfortable experience. ‘The Crackle Of My Soul’ is a bleak side of dark and dank ambient music where near-death drones and microtonal scrapes and klangs reminiscent of Kevin Drumm come alive in their attic bedsit/goldfish bowl to scuttle around the space, joined by a piano and teetering at the edge of their own sanity whilst haunted by ghoulish aural mirages. ‘Up Here In The Clouds’ settles into a less nerve-bitten set of compositions, marked by longer track lengths and ominous drones, still with a taste for cracked electronic textures and imbued with an almost autistic prickliness.

teetering at the edge of their own sanity

The ‘Transgender Warrior/Guts Of london’ 7″ completes the album with an ethereal, caustic piece of ambience and one cryptic side of computer music with tactile bass drones and acrid digital noise.

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