silver stories of the wind…

cindytalk – hold everything dear (album preview) by experimedia

Responsible for some of the most affecting post-punk, industrial and dark ambient music of the 1980s and early 90s, Cindytalk is currently enjoying a new lease of life as an umbrella for Gordon Sharp’s solo experiments in digital minimalism. This is his third album to be released on Vienna’s Editions Mego, following last year’s ‘Up Here In The Clouds’, and it’s another superbly crafted and very plaintive suite, Sharp’s quietly intense electronics augmented with piano, found sounds and field recordings processed into abstraction. With its sepulchral drones and eerily mystical chimes, ‘How Soon Now’ is reminiscent of Lustmord, Lull and Inade’s demonic ambient, scant preparation for such unprepossessingly pretty piano sketches as ‘Hanging In The Air’ and ‘On The Tip Of My Tongue’ – pieces with a pastoral delicacy reminiscent of the 1990 Cindytalk classic The Wind Is Strong.

the soundtrack to a European isolationist road movie that has yet to be made…

Other tracks evince a weary beauty that makes us think of Fennesz and The Caretaker, the soundtrack to a European isolationist European road movie that has yet to be made. Taking its title from a John Berger book of the same name and dedicated to the late Matt Kinnison, who contributed musically before his untimely passing, Hold Everything Dear is a thoughtful work, charged with sadness and, above all else, a palpable longing for things just beyond human reach. Boasting new artwork by the legendary David Coppenhall, and available as CD in 4-panel digipack or vinyl in lush gatefold sleeve, it’s an essential new chapter in the story of one of Britain’s last great post-punk visionaries.


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