so we live…


5-7 AUGUST 2016


Melanie will present a work in three parts featuring observations, research and ideas formed during the residency and her experience working at previous Supernormals.

i. Dispersed Assemblage
A site-wide, distributed installation of multiple, small interconnected elements: sculpture, drawing, image and text. Quietly integrated with their surroundings across the site – in the field and trees, and at the edges of the house and outbuildings – these oft-delicate works are set to be stumbled across, with many being open to interaction and change.

ii. Very Short Film Show
A one-off live performance of moving image and sound, featuring a sequence of very short films and sound composed from aural and visual field recordings collected on-site at Braziers Park. Revealing observational vignettes and microscopic studies of the overlooked and unbeknown, the performance will feature footage and sounds collected by Melanie and collaborations with residency artists and invited musicians.

iii. Prowling
Melanie is a night owl. During the residency she sought out and discovered a delight of hidden nooks and crannies. Join her for late night adventures and unique ‘guided’ tours around the grounds of Braziers Park.

Melanie Clifford works in translation between moving image, sound, drawing, broadcast, material and site, with research interests bridging art and neuroscience. Her work includes silent film and constructing visual scores for variable sound interpretation – soliciting sensitivity to detail, to minor fluctuations and structural disintegrity. She also works directly with sound and its location: performing site-specific sound pieces and recording found sounds and her own slight interventions, to be edited, reconstructed and broadcast.

Her work is exhibited and broadcast internationally, and she co-produces a weekly live improvisational radio test transmission for Resonance 104.4FM, London.

Melanie participated in the very first Supernormal in 2010 with New Work Network’s Occupy project (and accidentally played with the A Band). At SNs2012-14 she played and developed activities with Resonance FM’s Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission Broadcast Engineers, experimenting and improvising with found objects, musicians and sounds around the site and in the Barn. At SN2013 she created a new immersive/reactive sound installation in the Pink Shed for the Women, Art & Sound Programme. At SN2014 she played glass and guitar on stage as a part of Cindytalk and at SN2015 she volunteered.