in mitternacht, die mensch-maschine…

HEKATE SOUNDSYSTEM 20th Anniversary Party
@ Apiary Studios 458 Hackney Rd, London E2 9EG

24 September at 23:00

Circuit Parallele
The Reverend
Delinquent( Marc Hekate Murphy)
Dan Hekate
Dybbuk(Luke Hekate)
Broken Doll (Gaetane Hekate)
Cybele Reset
Christoph Fringeli
Nurgle les Trolls(Benjamin Rivet)
Skaface(David Cecil)

Stormfield(Stromfeld S Slewdem)
Jude Greenaway
Sansculotte(Sanjii Sansculotte and Ulrich Znork)
Hyper VJ(Nor Hypervj)

25 September at 18.00

A sister event to the 20th anniversary of Hekate Sound System.
An evening of experimental and industrial electronic livesets,
featuring among others Circuit Parallele, Fire at Work, FZV,
Cindytalk, Shadowbitch, Bacteria Factory and Nurgle Trolls