casting shadow time…

New Brvtalism No. 053

(image by max kuiper)

The Brvtalist is proud to present a new mix by legendary artist Cindytalk. Scotland born, London-based musician Cindy, has been active for over three decades and has been a major pioneer of experimental music. Working in genres ranging from post-punk and industrial to ambient and techno, there are no limitations on what Cindytalk may explore. Few artists have continued to evolve and push boundaries quite like this and Cindytalk’s music continues to stay well ahead of the curve. Aptly titled Shadow Time, this is a haunting, psychological journey that takes you to the depths of the soul and back. We could not be more honored to host such an iconic artist and here are a few words about the mix:

“This set was originally put together in February for an event Cindytalk
was invited to DJ in Reading, England. However, at the last moment,
the set times were altered and I played two shorter sets instead of a
longer one. I was able to play some of this set but only in truncated form,
so i was delighted to be invited, soon after, to record the set for the New
Brvtalism series.”

Cindytalk recently released a collaborative 12″ on Diagonal Records (028) with Ancient Methods under the alias In The Mouth Of The Wolf. There will also be a new CINDYTALK album out soon on Editions Mego entitled THE LABYRINTH OF THE STRAIGHT LINE. We look forward to more new material from one of our favorite artists. For more information and music please visit the official site and Facebook.