fragments of a forgotten life…

i come from the earth and reach for the stars…

around the same time the release of my new album was held up
i was contacted by blackened disco and asked to do a mix for them.
not wanting to use any of the labyrinth tracks i decided to utilise
the remnants i’d posted on soundcloud, write some new ones and
essentially create a whole new “snapshot” work.recorded much
quicker than i would normally work, in it’s essence like an
improvised live just came online tonight…

go in
go deep
and get lost…

track list :

01. A Calm So Deep
02. In Cities Of Dust
03. Soul & Form
04. Burnt Offerings
05. Worn Out World
06. Long Lost
07. Fightingfa
08. What Goes Around…
09. Fragments Of A Forgotten Life (To A Dying Star)
10. Cadre
11. She Told Me A Story
12. An Incompatible Knot

Recorded at THIRTEENTH FLOOR, London in the Summer
of 2015 by Gordon Sharp. A Calm So Deep contains a
version of traditional song Begone Dull Care sung by
Spaewaif. The track Fragments Of A Forgotten Life
contains To A Dying Star taken from the Cindytalk
album A Life Is Everywhere (Editions Mego, 2013).

With thanks to Mari, Aidar and Max.

Music by Cindytalk,
Photographic art by Max Kuiper.