need of angels…

the first sight and sound of a new collaboration from cindytalk and ancient methods.

2015 february 25, berlin, the boiler room… ancient methods kicks off his dj set with

herod 2014 from the sunn o))) scott walker album “soused” but within 2 minutes 30 seconds

he has sliced into it with “NEED OF ANGELS” – a slab of noised-up bassdark techno…

check out this link…




@ Kaos London
18 April 23:00–07:00

7 Torrens Street,

*Pitch black techno war funk*

There’s something about the fearsome crunch of Ancient Methods’ sounds that defies dry technical description and demands that you go over the top, whether in talking about it or moving to it. The raw edges, thick-layered sound and general old-school soundsystem-in-an-industrial-building kick has leapt out amidst the minimal orthodoxy, creating a massive buzz over a few beautifully marbled pieces of vinyl with medieval etchings on the labels, and prompting suggestions of a new industrial forward movement in the techno scene. (FUCT)

Ancient Methods has been at the forefront of the underground Industrial Techno scene for several years now, collaborating with Orphx on the Eschaton project for Token and working alongside Regis as Ugandan Methods on Downwards.

He has also collaborated with BLACK EGG on the Ohne Hände project for [aufnahme + wiedergabe]] and turned in some impressive remixes, most notably for Powell’s ‘Club Music’ on Diagonal, Manni Dee on Candela Rising and bourbonese qualk on Mannequin (Label + Mailorder) Records.

Ancient Methods is joined by sound maverick Othon whose productions have been described by The Guardian as “glorious shamanic cabaret for profane saints and sublime madmen” and KAOS favourites HaLo-iS and Bradley Kaos.