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Cindytalk live at the Supernormal Festival
Location: Braziers Park, Oxfordshire, OX10
Time: Sunday, 21 August 2011 10:00 pm

Supernormal is a surprising new addition to the festival circuit, a spontaneous and experimental artist-led event, which lends itself perfectly to the magical looking-glass world that is Braziers Park in Oxfordhire. Explore a spectacle of cult live music, performance, discussion and cutting edge contemporary art in the sprawling ramshackle grounds.

one of the most bafflingly brilliant live sets I’ve ever witnessed


Reactions to Cindytalk at Supernormal…


“Cindytalk are enjoying an increased amount of exposure recently as a result of the trio of fractured ambient albums released by mainstay Gordon Sharp on Editions Mego.It would be a shame if this detracted attention from the full group, whose performance tonight verges on the shamanistic – powerfully dominated by a lucidly funky Paul Middleton on drums.A now wholly improvisatory concern, Dan Knowler’s versatile guitar moves everywhere from sheer blizzard to angular Beefheartian flourishes.New recruit Jacob Burns opens up subtle electronic wormholes, Gary Jeff’s bass covers dub-like foundations, melodic runs and abstract texture with Sharp’s spectrally anguished vocals and body language controlling the overall flow.This emotional maturity allows for that very rare thing : a melting pot where the boundary dissolving of genres results in something genuinely original and uncategorisable.”


by Jonny Mugwump for The Wire, October 2011.


“So many great performances but I think best in show has to go to Cindytalk for one of the most bafflingly brilliant live sets I’ve ever witnessed.”


“Cindytalk on the other hand were great, a hard edged razor reflection with bitter dispersions of eelectricity whipping the conventional rock dynamics… couldn’t really string any sense from the vocals, too effect diseased, but they imparted a tasty strung out/comedown angry almost vitriolic vibe… a souring of affections, mulled over disappointments. The lead singer downed the contents of a hip flask on the music’s fractures… Pissed on Skullflower’s toe dipping into the void,and defo got me curious about hearing more…”


(Live photo by jmugwump)


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  1. Sep 08 \ Cindy

    i can't agree with the disrespecting of skullflower here.

  2. Oct 15 \ Melvyn Gingell

    I have been an admirer of Cindytalk since Camouflage Heart the first album,but this was the first time I have seen them live,I knew they were going to be good but they were far better than I thought,I spoke to Gordon Sharp before the gig and was very thankful he signed a copy of Hold Everything Dear for me,my most treasured possestion,I mentioned that I thought it was shocking that so few were actually there to watch them,I tell you this band would give any band in the WORLD a run for their money for originality and sheer class,why they are not more celebrated is just as mysterious as the music,but things seem to be happening for them right now so lets hope serious recognition follows,I like a lot of mainstream bands ie REM,Radiohead,Chilli Peppers,indie too Cocteaus,Fall etc etc etc.I tell you Im proud to say that Cindytalk are my all time favourite,also I think they are the best also,if anyone reading this hasnt discovered them then there is no better time time than now,enjoy them,treasure them.thank you Cindytalk for the remarkable music.